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Established in 1980 as Benjamin and Benjamin, the firm was re-established as Benjamin Benjamin and Vats in1986 with the combined brilliance of Architects Ar. J. M. Benjamin, Ar. (Dr.) Solomon Benjamin and Ar. R. K. Vats. From the inception, the firm aimed to provide innovativedesigns and expert solutions.

The firm completed very competitive projects in public and private fields. With strong direction, rich experience in the field had thoughtful designs, they created characteristic structures that comprehensively accomplish their function.


Ar. J. M. Benjamin (1920-2005) was a noted architect with remarkable buildings to his credit like the Parliament Annexe. he served as the Chief Architect of CPWD and played an instrumental role in various govt regulations and schemes.


Ar. R. K. Vats has designed many noteworthy buildings. An architect with design in heart and practicality in mind makes him successful in the field. His ability to deliver what is expected, on time, is well-known in the profession.

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